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"Taqueria La Lupita"

Nuestro local el favorito del area, con servicio agradable, atención atenta y amigable por parte de nuestro equipo

Nuestro sabor, inigualable, quedara en su paladar con su primer bocado.

Les invitamos a conocernos en el Mercado de Santiago.

Reseñas y Comentarios

  • review rating 5  Delicious local cuisine, opens very early. This whole building is worth exploring and visiting. I really enjoyed the hospitality and the food.

    thumb Paochang Tsai
  • review rating 5  Must have: cochinillo! Problem is, how to stop ordering more. Great local food haunt at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant with oodles more atmosphere. Best to go on a Sunday morning.

    thumb Christine Braganza
  • review rating 5  Absolutely delicious. Worth the wait. Perfect tacos, attentive staff. It's a can't miss spot.

    thumb Erin Beal
  • review rating 5  The best tacos we had in Merida. Situated in a lovely market there is a good mix of locals having lunch and tourists (well behaved). Had the cochinita pibil, lechon al horno and relleno negro which were all melt in the mouth. If you held a gun to my head and made me choose I would go for cochinita pibil, please don’t make me though.

    thumb John Your Mate
  • review rating 5  Definitely try the cochinita pibil. Amazing. It is also worth noting how organized and well run their whole operation is.

    thumb Matthew Stubbs
  • review rating 5  If you visit Merida you definitely have to have breakfast at La Lupita. Great food, low prices.

    thumb Javier Ortiz
  • review rating 5  Burnt pepper w Turkey, egg and some, the "Relleno negro" I think it was called. Lime soup the best we've tried so far. Got this lil gem from the Youtuber Mark Wiens.oh its also Inside a food market = fresh.

    thumb Robert Buchan
  • review rating 5  Go where the locals go - here. Always crowded and known for their lechon. The pork is moist and sitting in it's own juice and fat. They also have grilled turkey, turkey in negro sauce, breaded steak and negro Relleño soup. This is located inside the market. There are many places selling the exact same thing but this place was the most crowded and busy. The food was incredible and the prices were the lowest we've paid during our stay in Merida. I recommend the lechon de horno. It's the roasted juicy moist pork topped with a crunchy pork rind. The combination is music in the mouth. Get it on a taco, torta, tamale or salbute (soft puffy fried corn shell) PROS: Lechon Prices Salbute Eating with locals

    thumb Bakesieee .
  • review rating 5  Really enjoyed the lechon here. The cochina is different than others we have tried around Merida. Both meats were very moist and tasty. Will be back to try relleno negro and other Yucatecan specialties

    thumb Delanie Honda
  • review rating 5  This was really some of the best food I had in Merida (and much of the Yucatan). Their polcanes have a great texture, and their fillings just have that extra bit of flavor the other places lack. Get the relleno negro, conchinita pibil and lechon. Mix up the masa as a polcan, salbut, taco, etc. to get a representation of Yucatecan street food. Everything is solid here.

    thumb Sandeep Gyawali

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